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This weekend only: Special PhotoKey upgrade discounts

Posted: Thu, 20th May 2010, 12:49pm

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Simon K Jones

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If you own PhotoKey 1, PhotoKey 2 (or variants) or PhotoKey 3, this weekend is your chance to upgrade to the latest, fully featured versions of PhotoKey 3 and PhotoKey 3 Pro at special discounted prices.

Upgrading to PhotoKey 3 costs as little as $90 for all users, while upgrading to the full version of PhotoKey 3 Pro starts at just $150.

Here are just some of the features available in PhotoKey 3 and PhotoKey 3 Pro:

  • Enhanced and optimized interface
  • Save project files
  • Create your own text
  • Matte view for improving composites
  • Solid canvas background colors
  • Masks for tricky composites
  • Improved batch processing (Pro only)
  • Hot folder syncing (Pro only)
  • Shadow generation (Pro only)
  • Depth of field simulation (Pro only)
  • Soft focus (Pro only)

The extra upgrade discounts are only available this weekend!