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super smooth slo mo

Posted: Sun, 23rd May 2010, 12:44am

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i have effects lab pro and need to get a smooth slow mo like in 300 is there a way to get that effect plese help
Posted: Sun, 23rd May 2010, 1:15am

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There are two ways to get super smooth slow-mo. The first is to capture your footage at a very high framerate, like 150 frames per second or more, which is how they did it for The 300. Unfortunately, this isn't an option with video cameras, with rare and expensive exceptions.

The second is to purchase software such as Twixtor, which can create frames between the existing frames, called interpolation, and with a bit of finesse, create a reasonably accurate version of the missing frames for your slow-mo shot.
Posted: Sun, 23rd May 2010, 6:17pm

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Greetings all! I was online and found this:

I have an HV20 and I can change the Shutter speed ( going to Func.>Program AE and switch it to SHUTTER-PRIO. AE and changing 60 to 500 [may be different in the UK]) but I don't know how to change the framerate on the Camcorder. Does anyone know how? Thank you! -Storm Grenade