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How do I put text in my movie?

Posted: Tue, 25th May 2010, 10:47pm

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I'm doing a school project and really need to know how to put text into this, I can't find it.
Posted: Tue, 25th May 2010, 11:01pm

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There are a few ways to do this:
- Usually you would use a standard video editor (Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Vegas etc.) and add in the titles.
- You can also create a picture with some text in something like MS Paint or Photoshop and then add that as an overlay to your video in EffectsLab. I would be careful with this idea because depending on how it gets composited it could show up slightly transparent or do some other odd thing.
- Another way (a very cool one too) is two create text with the Neon Light tool. Then you can create other cool effects for it as well.

Hope this helps!
Posted: Tue, 25th May 2010, 11:13pm

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All workable suggestions. But as FXstudio99 mentioned, pretty much all video editors have basic titling built in, so you are probably best off to use your video editing software.