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iPhone 4 and mobile video production

Would any one else buy an effects app for the iPhone?

Yes! Sign me up!60%[ 9 ]
No! Are you stupid? Just use your Mac or PC.40%[ 6 ]

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Posted: Fri, 11th Jun 2010, 2:46pm

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With the advent of the iPhone 4 and it's ability to shoot 720p HD and edit with iMovie for iPhone are you all thinking about creating an iPhone app that can do some simple effects. Such as color grading, green screen, etc.?

I would buy it.

I love the idea of being able to shoot family videos or even non family videos on my phone edit them on my phone and then post to youtube. The missing part is some effects.

Here is one that I shot on my old iPhone 3G. I used FX studio and Final Cut express to edit and add effects.

Did I state yet that I would buy an iPhone app that would allow for effects if you all created it. I would.

I look forward to your reply smile
Posted: Fri, 11th Jun 2010, 3:20pm

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Simon K Jones

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It's definitely an area we're keeping an eye on, and it's really exciting to have 720p HD video on smartphones. It'll be interesting to see just how good the quality is once people get their hands on it in the wild.

While we don't have any immediate plans for an iPhone app of this sort, it'd definitely be interesting to gauge general interest in this kind of thing.

One issue so far has been the constantly shifting platform presented by Apple. While it's easy to quickly develop small apps, a more complex product with a longer development period such as a fully featured VFX app requires a stable destination platform, and when the hardware and OS is changing substantially every year or two as it has been with the iPhone it makes it a tricker proposition.

So, yes, we're observing with interest. smile
Posted: Sun, 13th Jun 2010, 9:11pm

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I think you'd have to be careful not to Alienate the large number of people who don't own an iPhone and never would. You'd have to support at least one other platform perhaps more then one, After all iPhone os isn't the biggest market share out there if I remember right. I beleive thats still symbian and whether Apple like it or not Android is getting a bigger and bigger market share and then of course there's window 7 phone. It does remain to be seen if that will take off though. The company I wonk for already have an app than runs on windows mobile and we're outsourcing an iPhone. It's likely we'll have to support android too. Given where the market is at the moment it's not that easy a choice to make. Plus on the screens the size of mobiles its not easy to get the job done. it might make more sense for the various Tablet style things due out in the next year or so.

I'm sure given the amount of stuff that appear to be going on at fxhome (and it's already half way though the year and we still don't know what those things are) something like an iphone app while seeming a nice idea would be more a toy than anything practicle and so an unecessary distraction for the real tools I hope are in the pipelinne for Q3 or Q4 this year
Posted: Mon, 14th Jun 2010, 2:45am

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I think a Magic Bullet Looks-ish program from FXHome would be cool, where it's mostly preset work. Red Giant Software actually has a Magic Bullet app for the current iPhone for pictures. They would only have to support it with updates and provide a little guide on how to use it. I am not a software developer, so I have no idea about the OS market shares, but I say wait on the new iPhone before you make that kind of call, it's more than a little update. Pretty revolutionary actually.

If iMovie portable supports plugins, that would be really cool.
Posted: Tue, 6th Jul 2010, 7:26pm

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jotoki wrote:

whether Apple like it or not Android is getting a bigger and bigger market share

I hate Apple as much as the next guy, but even my level of snarky hatred for the proprietary company has succumbed to buying an iPhone. Well, two now actually. (iPhone 3G and iPhone 4- the only ones at their respective times worth getting.)

And I can attest that it pretty much is the de-facto standard of sought-after phone. 'Whether Apple likes it or not'. You then take into account that it has its own, heavily-added-to and constantly running application store- and there's damn near close to no reason to ignore it. wink

Android is great and may carryover to many different phone models, but one integral thing is missing with it, and that's universal appeal. iPhone has that, and there's really no doubting it now. I don't think anyone really saw that coming- I sure as hell didn't. It has taken over as a phone model that is synonymous with and dominant within the industry the way the iPod is with mp3 players. Hell, they practically killed the phone giants Nokia and Motorola- do we even all realize that? And what does Android have in the way of selling applications, really? Marketplace? Well, that may be all well and good, but it's too far beneath the public sphere. The Apple App Store, like iTunes, again has also become the de-facto standard. The 'easiest' and 'most-used' tool.

Whether that all is a good or bad thing is debatable- the one surefire thing to know is that iPhone is here to stay. So it wouldn't hurt to make a mobile editing/grading/mini-fx app for it. wink