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Avoiding viruses on a new computer

Posted: Sat, 19th Jun 2010, 11:42pm

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I have Effects Lab Pro on a laptop. The laptop has the infamous "Antivirus 2009" or "Trojan Zlob" on it. (Those are the two names it goes by)

I just bought a new computer, and I want to put Effects Lab Pro on the computer. The problem is, I am afraid that putting Effects Lab on the new computer will have the virus from the laptop carried along with it, infecting my new computer.

I bought and downloaded Effects Lab from this website, not from a cd.

My question is:
Will uninstalling Effects Lab off of an infected laptop and reinstalling Effects Lab on a new computer cause the new computer to get infected?

Also, I have Sony Vegas on the infected laptop as well, and I would like to install that onto the new computer, too. Would that also spread the virus? The Sony Vegas was installed by a CD.

MOD EDIT: Have changed the topic of this thread as it implied that EffectsLab could spread viruses. Which, of course, it can't. smile
Posted: Sun, 20th Jun 2010, 2:07am

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Just unistall the program "effectslab" from your old computer and you should be good.
Then from your new computer, log in to your FXhome account and download Effectslab and your product key from there.
Install your newly downloaded Effectslab and you're good.

Vegas cd should be good to install by itself. Wait for another reply though... just in case.
Posted: Mon, 21st Jun 2010, 8:46am

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If you install from a CD or by downloading the installers again from, there is absolutely no way, at all, ever that you can get a virus from the installation.

A newly downloaded installer won't have anything to do with your old computer, so that won't be a problem.

An installer on the old CD will also be fine - even if the CD was used in the infected computer, commercial CDs are generally read-only, so the virus won't have been able to copy itself to the disc.
Posted: Mon, 21st Jun 2010, 3:58pm

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Of note: Don't take any files (projects, movies, stuff) off your old computer if you want to be completely safe.
Posted: Mon, 21st Jun 2010, 5:46pm

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Alright, thank you!