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Sinking ship bubbeling water

Posted: Tue, 22nd Jun 2010, 4:23am

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I am shooting a model of a ship sinking. As you know it is hard to film water where it looks realistic when using small models. Thankfully I have this program to create fantastic visual effects! However my skill with this program is still somewhat limited. I need an effect of bubbeling/churning/foamy water that would be above the submerged part of a sinking ship.
Posted: Tue, 22nd Jun 2010, 11:50am

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If I were to do this I'd probably find some stock footage of bubbling/churning/foamy water and composite it onto stock of an ocean, then comp in the ship miniature.

It'll be tricky no matter the technique as water is difficult, but if you film it creatively it should work.