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Photography and Imaging Links

Posted: Wed, 30th Jun 2010, 7:50pm

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Wish this section was more popular, but in the meantime a dedicated links topic might be nice since I'm sure people would be reluctant to post separate topics, given the inactivity. And just the general newness of it on an already active forum. Anyways, here are some of my favorite links that I find the most useful or most inspirational in Photography/Still Images/Manipulation:

General awesome photography tutorials
, from how to understand aperture/shutter/ISO, to how to choose a tripod or read your histogram. You name it, they've probably got it:

Really cool camera "hacks" and DIY stuff:

My personal favorite art/photography blog, great for inspiration:
Lots of modern photographers, graphic designers, and mixes of the two, with fine digital art news and stuff like that.

Amazing Post Processing Tutorials
I've learned a LOT about postprocessing on this awesome video podcast. And this is the good way to do things, the professional way. Don't just watch any old tutorials to learn your post processing methods. Very accessible and watchable video tutorials. You know how to use the tools when you are done watching these, and you learn how to make some really cool images. Each tutorial is project based, not just general tips but how they are used. I really can't stress enough how awesome these are.

Design Inspiration
Unbelievably awesome resource. Has inspiration for just about anything, great for design and general imaging.

Some of my favorite artists:
Young travel/fashion/commercial photographer, excellent style, FXHomer:
Trippy photo manipulations:
Striking photographs and manipulations:
Think Planet Earth the gallery:

Turn your photography into wall art

Everything you need to know about Time Lapse Photography

Best printing site on the internet in my opinion.
I'm sure you can pay more for better quality elsewhere, but MPix offers professional quality on tons of mediums with an easy interface for a great price.
Amazing resource for photographers. Stumbles to a random, really cool and helpful page based on your key word. See the site to find out more, good search engine in general. I've found a lot of the above by Stumbling and surfing from there. Things like this come up too, which are awesome:

Good Communities (Great for inspiration, discussion, interaction, learning, staying up-to-date, etc.) (Most like FXHome, but bigger and on average older) (Flickr, and DeviantArt to a degree, is more like a community of communities. Tons of groups for any kind of imaging you can imagine.) Awesome challenge competitions every week/month, excellent prestigious community. Fredmiranda runs similar contests.

Consistently Good Photoshop tutorials:
These are all really well written Photoshop tutorials. Think "Videocopilot" of the imaging world. Just really cool stuff that can be used in an infinite number of ways. Good learning tool.

Best online store for photography, IMO:
Ebay is good for some things though.

General Digital Photography:

So yeah, anyways, post any links you've found extremely helpful in your work.
Posted: Wed, 30th Jun 2010, 10:39pm

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I also enjoy the commercial photography of Dave Hill, whose high-pass blending modes are what started the whole 'look' people like Joey L started copying off of. biggrin