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Render/exporting problems

Posted: Fri, 16th Jul 2010, 10:57pm

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I have a digital camera that records movies in mpeg format, I use Prism video file converter to convert it into an AVI. I add my effects and such to it in EffectsLab, the video still has it's same quality and color. however as soon as I go to render/Export the video as a .Mov (quicktime) the picture breaks up after being rendered as a quicktime. the way it is broken up is a little unusual, these streaks kinda push every about 2 pixel lines down the image across a little bit. So the image comes out to look very streaked. I am using the Demo of the program to see if I would want to purchase it, and so far so good it is just the rendering that has an issue, the water mark on the video after being rendered is a little bit pixelated but almost un-noticeable. The image appears the same as it does in the preview box as it does rendered.

It does this even without a video behind it. even if it is just the particle effects and what not. I have tried all compression forms including none and they all do the same except for one which was incredibly blurry and blocky.
Posted: Fri, 16th Jul 2010, 11:03pm

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Weeeell, you need to check your project settings when you first import the video clip and also when you render out your video, sounds like you have an interlacing issue.

Are you using a video editor at all? imovie/windows movie maker/sony vegas? Just wondering if wether you know, if your video is shot in progressive, interlaced or deinterlaced.
Posted: Fri, 16th Jul 2010, 11:12pm

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I believe it is shot in progressive, i am not totally sure on how to find that out. and I am using Windows Live Movie maker. but it's not just the video its exporting all together, doesn't matter if i have an image or not.
Posted: Sat, 17th Jul 2010, 1:45am

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From your description, those are almost certainly interlacing lines. If you are working with progressive footage, then you need to not use an interlaced project. Create a new project that is progressive, and you won't have that problem. If the footage is interlaced, and the far majority of cameras are, then the lines aren't a problem. They won't appear when the footage is watched on a television, and you'll have to create a de-interlaced version of the final project or computer viewing anyway, which will eliminate them.
Posted: Sat, 17th Jul 2010, 4:04am

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Ok I figured it all out. thanks alot guys. everything is working smoothly.