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Enhancement Request: CSV Import to drive text fields

Posted: Tue, 27th Jul 2010, 1:01pm

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Now THIS would make the PKpro a powerhouse tool for pro photographers that handle schools, sports, dance academies and other large-group clients. The products delivered to these clients often have the name of the person photographed included in the product template (sports trading cards, magazine cover with person's name in one of the "headlines", etc.), so running a batch on hundreds of photos is not possible since the text needs to be edited from photo-to-photo.

Possible solution...

1) Allow text objects added to a PK file to contain dynamic field tags, or expressions. Something like <player name> <height> <position> <coach>

2) Provide a "Batch List" tool (can even be a separate mini app) that could import a CSV text file that contains columns of information. First row is expected to be field tag names (with the first column always "file"). The first column is always expected to be a foreground image to import (path local to CSV file) and the remaining column names would be matched up to the field tags in text objects in the PK file.

(Big time bonus points if you could make this work by allowing EXIF field names to be used as text object tags so the data could be stored directly in the foreground image files, sparing the photographer from having to create the CSV file)

This would allow for the en-mass creation of trading cards, ID cards, "memory mates", magazine covers and other templates where text will need to change from photo-to-photo in a batch.
(Note: Photoshop supports this through Excel files ... would be cool to be able to do this in PKpro ... this would make the product far more useful/sellable to large group photographers like myself)
Posted: Wed, 28th Jul 2010, 8:42am

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Nice suggestion!

Is there allready any news about new features for PK3Pro? Or is PK4pro coming out soon?

The feauture i'm still hoping for is that in PK3pro it will be possible to import multiple backgrounds/overlays so i can work with multiple frames on location without having to safe every file after it's been made.