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Artists with Photoshop and compositing skills needed!

Posted: Sun, 1st Aug 2010, 5:41pm

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Hey guys,

We're looking for artists to help enhance a corridor wide shot with some photoshop magic. This consists of adding static elements (pipes, wires and control panels etc...) to blend into the environment. This shot is completely static and requires no tracking.

Seb, our vfx lead, is looking for skilled compositors to aid him in the final stages of the remaining shots. These shots are not simple and will be too demanding for beginners so artists with a good level of knowledge in After Effects would be most welcome.

We understand people are busy with various projects and schedules so we ask those that are willing to help for a level of commitment and honesty. We really want people to stick to the deadlines and dates they put forward to us. Missing targets just cause long delays and disappointment.

If anyone is interested please email me at: or reply to this thread.

We have all the details and links to the required footage. Composite work will be supervised by Seb.

Many thanks,