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How do I export video?

Posted: Mon, 2nd Aug 2010, 1:44pm

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how do you put the video i just edited on vision lab pro to movie maker...(not movie maker to vision lab pro)... i have the demo and i wanted to make sounds for my video
Posted: Mon, 2nd Aug 2010, 3:35pm

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You render the video, then import it into movie maker as you would any other video. I think you need to render to .avi to ensure compatibility with WMM; I don't think it can work with .mov files.
Posted: Sun, 8th Aug 2010, 11:42pm

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Ok. also is it just normal that i cant even hear any regular sounds from my video on the demo/
Posted: Mon, 9th Aug 2010, 1:07am

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Yes, but when you want to render sound you have to right click on the the video you wish to have sound on the time line and click on the option that says " Set as audio source." However, if you trim the the video like make it longer or cut it it's not going to save the sound. So what i do is I first cut the video in movie maker or iMovie then ad the special effects in fxHome. THen I reopen movie maker or iMovie, import both the video that was cut, and the one from fxHome. Then use the audio from the one that has sound by putting under the video as audio.