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glass shatering

Posted: Tue, 3rd Sep 2002, 4:18pm

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can somebody make an animation of glass shatering
Posted: Tue, 3rd Sep 2002, 4:25pm

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Not sounding rude again ( but insted of posting a new topic you can post a reply, people will still look at your posts, so you could have added this to the helicoper one or the explosions one


if you could give more details about the glass, as some editing software has the effect on it, do you mean a whole sheet in front of the camera, or a glass ( cup ) smashing ?
Posted: Tue, 3rd Sep 2002, 4:30pm

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if i'm not mistaken, the explosions one was deleted unsure
Posted: Tue, 3rd Sep 2002, 4:32pm

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There already is one biggrin
Posted: Tue, 3rd Sep 2002, 6:19pm

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There is a bullet going through glass plugin, I use that briefly in a long shot and have a series of closeups, with someone throwing broken glass about, on the floor, or on the character who was next to the glass. You have to be clever when you use it, so it looks good.