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Why is my saber so stubby? was:Great Question...

Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 12:11am

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How come the lightsabers under some people's names are very long and some are short? Does it have to do with anything?
Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 12:47am

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look here - everything you need to know!
Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 3:09am

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What made you think that was a GREAT question? crazy
Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 7:00am

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Your sabre grows in lenght when you become a GOLD MEMBER


( sorry i can't help it ) lol
Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 8:46am

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post more and help people get force points and when u got a lota em
u become the man of the world my brother MAN OF THE WORLD
Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 3:25pm

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mine's puuuuuuuuuuuuurple and stuuuuuuuuuuuumpy neutral
Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 4:25pm

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I don't believe it some one asked why there lightsabre was so stumpy and it didn't release an unstoppable barrage of "When you're excited it goes bigger" "I've got a really long, purple sword" jokes. Well done for the good moral values and leaving them all open for me to do. So here goes... "If it came to a duel between me with my lightsabre and champion the wonderhorse with his, I'd win by about 3 foot" lol "I knew a man who's lightsabre would go off preamaturely and it chopped his girlfriends ear off" lol Thank you I'm here all week.
Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 4:45pm

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Can't wait till the end of the week then, lol

thank you very much your a wonderfull crowd..