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Please allow me to introduce myself...

Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 8:57am

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I just thought I'd formally say hi to the community, and give you all some info about me.

First of all, let me just say that this software is the greatest thing since sliced bread! And this has got to be the greatest community I've ever seen!

I happened to stumble onto this website searching for information on blue/green screening. I can't belive I haven't heard of it somewhere else.

So anyway, my name is Nate, I live in the US, Illinios, and I'm 20. I have been playing with camcorders since I was 10 with my brother and my friends (I only wish I had AlamDV to play around with back then!). I just love to make my little corny movies.

It wasn't untill about two years ago that I got into desktop video. I had a 500mhz Compaq and got a Pinnacle DC10 capture board. It was really cool to actually EDIT movies together. I had always made movies but never really got around to editing them. It was too much trouble to set up two VCR's. I did it once or twice, but it never looked good enough to inspire me to do it too much.
So I started up a few projects and had a ball for a while.
But the DC10 software was too limited for what I wanted to be doing. And on top of that I was capturing off of a VHS-C camera of which the quality was not very good. On top of THAT, my computer was way too slow to handle what I was throwing at it.

So earlier this year I saved enough money to get a miniDV camera (JVC GR-DVL120). And after much begging I convinced my parents (very supportive) to pitch in and help me get a Sony VAIO. So now I have what I need. I'm just waiting for ideas. Hopefully you'll see some of my work soon.
Sorry about the long post...

Once again, great job to all the people who put all this together.

Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 9:13am

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Hi nice to meet you.

Now can you do one thing for me, show your parents this excelent site, and ask them to make you a gold member by buying this software, once your a member you get a cool lightsabre and people will chant your name.

Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 9:28am

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Hi N8, welcome to the delightfully warm and helpful AlamDV community biggrin Looking forward to checking out your work, man.
Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 9:42am

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welcome aboard!
be a gold member
be a part of the alamdv community
be a super user
be a pluginmaker
be a movie maker
and last of all HAVE FUN
Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 10:37am

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Welcome welcome N8... *fanfare smile
Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 1:04pm

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Its fun when persons interduce them selves like that.. i think it is the second time that happend! =)

A big welcome from me!
Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 3:11pm

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Two Gunned Saint

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Hi. I was also extremely happy when I figured I could edit my little 5 minute films together. Hope to see some of your stuff soon.
Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 3:20pm

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hi, and welcome to the alam dee vee community smile

here u will get addicted to the internet, and never leave ur computer again (don't say i didn't warn u razz)

hope to see some of ur stuff soon, and enjoy urself, we don't bite, hard smile
Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 5:12pm

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owen rixon

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Howdy...Nice 2 meet u.

P.S. I agree. This community rox
Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 5:44pm

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Welcome onboard. Can't wait to see your movie!
Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 7:39pm

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Howdy N.B......I think we have all been on the same road as yourself and
a lot of us, are still there......I am anyway.
Having looked at loads of different forums (to pickup help etc for various bits of software) I've found this forum the most informative and friendliest
of all......some real talent out there all helping each other when they can.

Posted: Wed, 4th Sep 2002, 8:33pm

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Glad to hear you like it. The CSB-Digital guys really work hard to make this place friendly and informative. I have been around here from almost the begining and it keeps getting better.

Like everyone else said become a GOLD member and reap the rewards. Again welcome to the community!! Can't wait to see your work! biggrin
Posted: Fri, 6th Sep 2002, 8:57am

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Thanks for the warm welcome. One thing though, I did buy the software.

There was some mix up and for some reason it wouldn't let me post under my original username EndGame, so I made a new username
(as a guest) and posted under that. Hopefully now I will show up as a gold member with my real username EndGame. Sorry about the confusion.

(By the way if you didn't understand what I just said, don't worry I didn't either.)

Posted: Fri, 6th Sep 2002, 10:48am

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Well a warm welcome from me aswell Endgame, im sure your'll enjoy it here