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Time Travel like in Time Cop

Posted: Thu, 5th Sep 2002, 3:58am

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did anybody attend " Time Cop "? do they remember the effect that happens in the trips of the time? how if the bottom roots water balancing in a wave? can anybody try to create like this a plugin?
ah another thing, as I configure the alam dv for after inserting the wanted effects the final image it is in real time? because all the effects that I create when I convert for avi and I will attend the effects they are always as if they were in slow camera oh I have to increase the speed of the video in the premiere to be real, but oh it disturbs if he/she has some near actor the effect because his movements are super fast... do I have to only create the first video of the actor and to delay the speed for later to insert the effects to convert again and to increase the speed so that it is natural or does some exist configuration that I am not knowing how to do?
Posted: Thu, 5th Sep 2002, 6:14am

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what's that fish site that translates the foreign language??
Posted: Thu, 5th Sep 2002, 8:22am

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I think ! smile
Posted: Thu, 5th Sep 2002, 9:06am

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Yu can't do that with AlamDV... The picture would have to be distorted, and alamDV can't do that.
Posted: Thu, 5th Sep 2002, 3:09pm

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Programs such as media studio, or premiere have built in ripple effects, it would be dead easy to use that to do the effect i rekon!