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Help with Explosion Effect

Posted: Thu, 2nd Sep 2010, 9:16pm

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I need to find a quick, sharp, and fiery explosion, but the FxHome presets aren't doing the job. Please help!

Posted: Thu, 2nd Sep 2010, 11:32pm

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Well then, you have two options. First, you could edit one of the presets to get it to look more like what you are after; all of the presets are totally modifiable. Second, you could try some stock footage, which is likely to look better than a preset as well. There's some free stuff available from FXhome here, or you could look into purchasing some of the excellent footage available from [url=]Sollthar, from FXhome or from There are lots of other places you can purchase stock as well, of course, but its hard to beat the value offered by those three.
Posted: Fri, 3rd Sep 2010, 6:43pm

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Try these:

Download then select import image stream on effectslab pro. smile