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Posted: Mon, 13th Sep 2010, 1:15am

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whenever i make a scene and add in a backround thats a picture if i overlay another picture its transparent why? and how do i make it solid?
Posted: Mon, 13th Sep 2010, 6:43am

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I guess this is the same thing I noticed a few days ago. Apparently a picture is limited to the composite modes SCREEN and ADD as long as it doesn't contain an alpha channel. If it does contain an alpha channel it will be set to NORMAL. (Which would be what you are going after.) This seems to be one of EffectsLabs limitations if you compare it to CompositeLab or VisionLab.

You will find more details about this here:

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Posted: Mon, 13th Sep 2010, 4:11pm

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Yup, the real issue is that you are trying to composite video in a program not designed for compositing.

EffectsLab can handle stock footage to a limited extent, and so is optimized to make this as easy as possible. If the stock has an alpha channel, it will automatically detect it and use it. If not, then it will assume the stock is a light-based effect (such as fire, an explosion or lightning) and it automatically sets it to Add or Screen, the two best composite blend modes for that type of effect. For more comprehensive control, you should look into an actual compositing app, like CompositeLab.

There is a work-around that lets you cheat past this limitation though. Combine all the video clips you wish to use into a single video file in your editor, then import that master file into EffectsLab and slice it back up. You'll be able to layer the bits however you want.