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Floating Feet - Blending a Composite

Posted: Wed, 22nd Sep 2010, 5:10am

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Some time ago, I posted a question about flying. I saw many flying clips done before but one thing that always bothered me was the feet. They always appeared flat, showing that the subject with standing during filming. But I found a video that shows how it can be achieved to make the feet show that they are floating.

However, if you see in the video, the subject is filmed twice. Once while standing, and again while hanging on something to levitate his feet. The rough composite clearly shows the two separate clips working together, but the final composite shows them perfectly blended. (Granted, the subject has been downsized and the film was made with Adobe After Effects)

My question is, how am I able to to blend a composite as well as it was done in this film within Visionlab? Is it a difficult task?
Posted: Thu, 23rd Sep 2010, 5:05pm

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Well, the easiest way is to give yourself a hard line at which to split the composite. If you have control over the costume, a jacket or something with a clear and relatively straight edge along its lower edge would make a simple place to divide the two, without having to fiddle with aligning edges perfectly. Otherwise, you'll need to use masks to trim bits off the protruding edges on whichever layer requires it, so the legs flow seamlessly between them. Using dark trousers, as he did in that video, will also help, as wrinkles and creases won't have to flow across the seam.