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Spotlight Round-up, 2007-2010

Posted: Wed, 22nd Sep 2010, 9:15am

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Simon K Jones

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If you've enjoyed our recent series of Spotlight interviews with the FXhome community you might like to know that there's an easy way of browsing through all the articles from the last four years.

All you have to do is click here to view a custom listing of news articles filtered to show only the Spotlights. As well as this summer's series, there's also classic interviews with Komikarate, Atomic Productions and the man behind Fingerman.

There are of course many other Spotlight articles which were published pre-2007, before the news page existed. If you'd like to take a nostalgic trip into the past, simply visit the forum search page, type in 'Spotlight', set the Forum option to 'FXhome news' and hit 'Search'.

Enjoy. smile

Posted: Wed, 29th Sep 2010, 6:06am

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This is so cash. Why didn't I see this thread earlier, this is awesome!
Posted: Mon, 4th Oct 2010, 12:07pm

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This is great- i lay in bed till about 3 in the morning reading most of these spotlights! i shouldn't of really because i was knackered from chainmailing most of the day! it was handy for them all to be in one place though biggrin