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downloading extra footage

Posted: Tue, 5th Oct 2010, 1:55am

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I just bought Effects lab pro as well as footage of gunfire, smoke and some others. How do I intergrate the new footage into the effects lab pro?
Posted: Tue, 5th Oct 2010, 3:06am

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I assume you are talking about stock footage. I don't have much experience in that area but I'm sure Axeman will be around in a little bit.
Posted: Tue, 5th Oct 2010, 7:46am

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In order for you to begin using the stock footage in Effectslab Pro, you would need to begin a project and select import media. Then select the stock footage you wish to use. It'll be shown in the media browser to the left. Select the clip you wish to use and place it in the timeline where you wish for it to occur. Because you're using
Effectslab Pro, the footage will be automatically set to the "screen" composite mode.