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New stock image packs: Autumn, Halloween and Happy Holidays!

What's your favourite time of year?

Spring16%[ 3 ]
Summer26%[ 5 ]
Autumn21%[ 4 ]
Winter37%[ 7 ]

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Posted: Tue, 5th Oct 2010, 2:28pm

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Simon K Jones

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Three new stock image packs are now available containing themed backdrops and overlays for use with PhotoKey 3 and other image editing software.

The Autumn pack collects high quality backdrop images of rural environments, from farmland to remote rivers and fields, depicting the beautiful, golden transition from summer to winter.

The Halloween and Happy Holidays packs include versatile backdrop and overlay images, enabling a wide range of creative combinations and covering everything from pumpkins and spiders’ webs to Christmas and New Year celebrations. All images are provided in TIFF or PNG formats for compatibility with all good image software.

The Autumn, Halloween and Happy Holidays packs are each available for $24.99 (£19.95) from the store. A special discount of 20% is available if 4 or more accessory packs are purchased!

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Posted: Tue, 5th Oct 2010, 4:20pm

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