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Here is what I want to do . what will I need to do it?

Posted: Fri, 15th Oct 2010, 3:52pm

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I am in the entertainment rental business. I would like to offer a service where my clients could lip sync to a song or even record them doing a karaoke song in front of a green screen . I would need to have various video back grounds and kind of produce a music video on the fly.
I would need to be able to burn a dvd on site in a reasonable time that they could walk away with. I would love recommendations on what you think I may need to do this hopefully without breaking the bank.
Posted: Sat, 16th Oct 2010, 4:53am

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The way I would run it is:

- Have a Karaoke Machine, green screen, appropriate lighting, etc.

- Have a Camcorder of some sort that is connected to a desktop or laptop.

- Capture directly to the computer (rather than to tape or card).

- Import into Composite Lab and insert the backgrounds you have decided on. (Have these pre-selected, so you can just key it and put in the background.) Render it out.

- Have a handful of "pre-made" template like projects in your DVD Authoring program and import your video into that and burn.

That is the fastest way I can think of to do it. I hope this helps! Have a wonderful day.

Posted: Sat, 16th Oct 2010, 5:36am

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I would find a way to streamline it as best as you can. Edit, put your respective backgrounds in the layer below. Have a specific background prepared for each angle/focal length. I would key grade and key in Compositelab then export it as a video with alpha channel.

Then you just drag in the keyed in clip, replacing the green screen footage on your editing timeline and the backgrounds will be matched up. You could export your background layer and do color correction and everything in CLAB, but you'll have to bring it back into your editor for finishing anyways, which is also where you might be able to get creative. Personal preference really. Color correct and grade appropriately, then export for DVD.

Seems like a lot of work, who would pay all that much for a music video of themselves lip synching? There are better streamlined methods, but they require more expensive software. Your best bet with what you have is to just think about it and be super organized, and use presets, scripts, actions, templates, etc. where you can. Use consistent camera settings and lighting/white balance so you can just use your keying and grading presets all the time.

Good luck.
Posted: Mon, 18th Oct 2010, 10:37am

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This sounds like something that will require a custom, hardware solution. It's not the kind of thing CompositeLab is designed or suitable for, really. It sounds like the OP is looking for the video to be constructed 'live' so that it's more-or-less ready to be delivered as soon as they've finished.

Good luck. smile