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Greenscreening Series and Other DV Tutorials

Posted: Sat, 16th Oct 2010, 1:41am

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Hey guys,

It's been a while since I've made a tutorial for the FXHome products, but I've got 3 new ones to share.

Green Screening- A 2 part series that takes FXHome program users through the process of green screening. These videos include detailed information on lighting, setup, filming, and editing the green screens. A few people helped me with these videos, and I think they turned out well.

Part I
Part II

The final part is located in the FXHome Cinema.

Also, here's a Vision Lab Tutorial about creating animated titles using Photoshop/Gimp and the FXHome products. Check it out.

I appreciate all subscribers, comments, and critiques. Thanks for watching guys.

And here's some informtaion about upcoming stuff from DVStudio:
-FXHome Trailer Entry
-Script Writing
-Use of Action Essentials 2
-New Website
-Track Dolly Tutorial
-DIY Softbox Tutorial
-Cloning Walkthrough

Any suggestions or tutorials you'd like to see?