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Shooting subjects with flat surfaces

Posted: Sun, 17th Oct 2010, 12:55am

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I am having trouble shooting product pictures where some flat surfaces (generally painted black) are tending to pick up enough green to loose them when removing the background. I can adjust the lighting but there will always be some flat surfaces that will reflect. I also have some things that are chrome so they will always reflect the chroma background. Any ideas?
Posted: Sun, 17th Oct 2010, 2:40am

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With reflective surfaces you have a few options. First, you can adjust the position of the lights, or of the object itself, to try control what gets reflected, which it sounds like you have already tried. Secondly, you can try using black flags in conjunction with the lights, to get black to reflect in those areas rather than green. Thirdly, you may need to not use a greenscreen at all. Its most common with highly reflective objects to photograph them in from of black, because it is often the only way to prevent this issue.