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New to green screen

Posted: Tue, 26th Oct 2010, 4:03am

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Just getting started with keyed backgrounds, we've tested a painted blue screen. Love the quick masking on import yet we have issues with the blue jeans and a blue shirt. Is there a way with out using the sliders to clean up the jeans and shirt like painting a mask in Photo Shop. If there is such a function would this apply in a batch with Pro? the reason for the question is I'm sure we will run across green jerseys or a green color in the uniform.

We have a green screen en route to further test, so far this software appears the fastest and simplest in use.

Our hope is to use this in sports and other volume type shoots.

thanks in advance
Posted: Tue, 26th Oct 2010, 4:56am

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There isn't a paint-type tool, the only masking feature at present is the freehand point-drawn mask system.

If you are looking at doing sports, it will probably be worth getting both blue and green screens, as team colors are sure to be an issue at some point.

As far as the blue jeans, not wearing blue in front of a blue screen is fundamental to chroma keying. As the key works by selecting a color, the software won't know what blue you want to select and what blue you don't. If you need to wear blue, you need to use a greenscreen, and vice versa. For small bits of blue on the clothing, masks can work, but if the clothing is entirely blue, it defeats the purpose of chroma keying to begin with.
Posted: Tue, 26th Oct 2010, 2:42pm

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will a tablet work with fxpro3

and is there a possible inclusion of more tools in 4