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Trailer Competion question..

Posted: Sat, 7th Sep 2002, 6:06pm

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I guess this question go to malone/schwar/tim/tarn.. I was just wondering in how much hurry this trailer competion is.? becouse i can prolly get a trailer till next saturday. id love to do one, but the computer is kinda' broke.. and i have red that i isnt the only one that think this is a bad date.

I think u would get some more trailers uploaded if u just give us some more time. /Andy
Posted: Sat, 7th Sep 2002, 6:34pm

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Jealous Flesh

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I was this close (---------) to cannabalizing footage from my very nearly finished LEGACY OF THE SPELLMASTER to construct a kick @$$ trailer. But after 3+ months of working with scenes involving dozens of plugins and hours of shooting, I felt I owed it to myself to submit the movie whole, as it was meant to be seen.

Now afterwards, I could cannabalize it and make you a trailer. If Im lucky you may even think a few of my magic spells are innovative.

That may be quite soon, it depends, as the guy above said, how long you can wait.

Plus this "no copyrighted music" really kills my FX libido.
ALAM deserves better than a trailer set to a 8 bit midi.
Posted: Tue, 10th Sep 2002, 11:05pm

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If you want a worthwhile trailer to watch...then wait no more....look for the movie trailer for "Game Over"
Posted: Wed, 11th Sep 2002, 8:42am

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Althought the competition is over, if you still want to submit a trailer we are more than happy to accept it. And you never know it might be used in a future trade show, or put onto a PC/Mac magazine CD to demonstrate the POWER of AlamDV2 smile