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backgrounds in photokey pro 3

Posted: Wed, 3rd Nov 2010, 3:27am

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Hello All I just downloaded the photokey pro3 and look like I only have 21 backgrounds and 4 mag covers. The ads had much more to offer. Did I not download correct or what? Please help me in any way you can.
Posted: Wed, 3rd Nov 2010, 3:52am

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Did you only purchase PhotoKey 3 Pro, or did you purchase a bundle that included backgrounds. For example: This is only the software, while This link is a bundle, which also includes a bunch of backdrop DVD's.

Also, if you did order a bundle, and then downloaded the software, the backdrops are only on DVD, and you will have to wait for delivery. But again, the software itself doesn't contain backdrops, you have to buy one of the bundles that includes backdrops as well.