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PhotoKey 4 pre-orders and upgrades!

Posted: Thu, 4th Nov 2010, 10:29am

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Simon K Jones

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Pre-order PhotoKey 4!

PhotoKey 4 and PhotoKey 4 Pro are both now available for pre-ordering! If you pre-order you'll get a free copy of PhotoKey 3 or PhotoKey 3 Pro to use until the release of the new version at the end of the month.

The new version has many exciting new features including multiple layers and fully automatic batch processing in the Pro version. Click here to check out all the new features!

Are you upgrading?

If you're upgrading from a previous version of PhotoKey there are a few options:

  • PhotoKey 1, 2, 2 Pro and Lite users can upgrade right now with discounts and can download PhotoKey 3 for free while they wait for PhotoKey 4 to be released.
  • PhotoKey 3 and 3 Pro users that purchased on or after October 11th get a free upgrade to PhotoKey 4 or 4 Pro and will be notified by email once v4 is available with instructions on how to claim the free upgrade.
  • All other PhotoKey 3 and 3 Pro users will receive special, discounted upgrade offers once v4 is released at the end of the month.