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Canon Ef Adapters!

Posted: Sun, 21st Nov 2010, 11:18pm

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Hello, fxhome forum,
I have both stories and a question to post about:
In july I purchased a Canon 550D/T2i and love it.

Later I purchased an Olympus OM adapter to use my parent's old OM lenses (worked out fantastically), then I bought a Pentex K adapter, and now a Nikon F-mount (I had a stockpile of a lot of old-ish, yet fantastic lenses).

So any digital photographer, Fotodiox is a great resource for amateurs like myself (and perhaps professionals).

But now my question:
does anyone know of any** adapter that exists to allow me to use Sony A or E mount lenses?
This is a weird question, I know, since Ef, Nikkor F mounts, Olympus OMs, and Pentex K's are all better lens manufacturers.

thank you!
-David Krause