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Problems with correct orientation of photo when importing

Posted: Mon, 22nd Nov 2010, 8:00pm

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I am having trouble importing a photo from my camera. I am using Aperture on my Mac and when I take a picture using the hot folder feature..... the picture does not import with the correct orientation. A portrait photo imports 90 degrees to the right and an error message comes on indicating the size of the image is different. If I save the photo to the desktop in Preview and then import it - it imports with the correct orientation. Anyone have any ideas????
Posted: Tue, 23rd Nov 2010, 9:08am

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The orientation of images is stored in various ways, some of which PhotoKey 3 doesn't detect. One of PhotoKey 4's improvements is that it checks the image for orientation information, so hopefully once PhotoKey 4 comes out this won't be a problem anymore.