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Green screen issues

Anyone else had this problem?(NOt knowing if the material could be different)

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Posted: Tue, 23rd Nov 2010, 2:50pm

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Ok, so I really want/need a green screen, but I really can't afford one rite now (being a child) so I would just like to know if green screens have to be muslin (or whatever) or if they can be any material: bedsheets,felt, fabric etc...

Any help is appreciated.
Posted: Tue, 23rd Nov 2010, 10:38pm

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Of course the green screen doesn't have to be any certain type of material, in fact there are different uses for all different shoots. For instance, I have a green fleecy for use in my indoor green screen studio whereas I have a number of muslin sheets of green screen fabric for larger warehouse and garage shoots. Other people on here have a more portable solution which is of course the flex and reversible screens. So, the color and lighting are the important aspects, look for bright kelly green or chroma-key green as these will give the best results. This is the green screen in my office and another view

The material you use is important to be sure it's not too shiny as to reflect and cause a spill on your actors. If you are using a thin screen outside there are also going to be further complications with the screen being somewhat see through or blowing/ tearing easily. All of these aspects are important to consider. In fact, check out my new green screening tutorial videos for some more information. wink Part I & Part II

You can check your local fabric store for a generally wide selection of materials and colors, so that's always a good option.

Posted: Tue, 23rd Nov 2010, 10:45pm

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Don't know if its still available, but I recall that back in the day Ikea had a green bedsheet that was a popular solution among the low-budget crowd.

As DVstudio mentioned, the important thing isn't the type of material used, heck, it can be a painted wall if you want, its the color and lighting. You need a green color with no red or blue mixed in with it, so you can remove it without taking any other colors out at the same time.
Posted: Tue, 23rd Nov 2010, 11:50pm

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Thanks guys! I think that I'll try some felt (or a Material like it: fleece mabye) this definatly helped ALOT!