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Lightroom Work Flow?

Posted: Sun, 28th Nov 2010, 12:39am

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For those Lightroom users, how do I seamlessly go from lightroom to PhotoKey Pro and back? When I set it up in Lightroom, PhotoKey tries to open the TIFF file as a project instead of importing the file.
Posted: Sun, 28th Nov 2010, 3:09am

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How exactly do you have it set up now? I would set it up thusly:

1. Export the images you want to key from Lightroom as PNG, TIFF or JPEG to a folder you have in place for storing them.

2. In PhotoKey, import those images and process them. You could do this manually, or set up the folder from step 1 as a hot folder.

3. I would add a prefix or postfix to the name to easily keep track of the processed images vs. the originals.

4. Then, Export the images from PhotoKey. If you want to take these new images back into Lightroom, you can import them in the standard fashion.
Posted: Sun, 28th Nov 2010, 3:04pm

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Lightroom has a "Edit In" function, allowing me to send a TIFF or JPEG file to another application for editing, when will this be supported?
Posted: Fri, 3rd Dec 2010, 7:33pm

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So basically ..
An enhancement request that, any time PK is passed an IMAGE file (jpg, png, tiff, etc) during startup or file-open command from the OS, PK should start a new project (complete with "save changes?" request if a changed project is currently loaded) and then imports the image file onto the canvas.

Sounds like a great enhancement!