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problem transferring my work

Posted: Wed, 1st Dec 2010, 11:52pm

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I am fairly new to far i have no problem making a good print BUT for some reason I cannot export or save??? I have made a new folder to export into BUT nothing transfers....Do I need to get another version as I have the "starter kit" the pnhotokey 2 lite....also is it possible to make different size prints from this work? Thanks
Posted: Thu, 2nd Dec 2010, 1:40am

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What process are you using to Export? There is an Export command in the file menu, and there is an Export button in the Export Toolset; which method are you using?

Does it make a difference what Format you select before you click Export? What does happen when you click the Export button? Do you get any kind of error message? Does nothing happen at all?

As far as different print sizes, PhotoKey will print out the work based on the Canvas Size, set in the Canvas toolset. If you want to print different sizes, you can change the Canvas Size to the size you need and adjust your composite accordingly, or you can use the Print Settings in your OS to change the size of the print as a percentage, depending which OS you are running. Or, after exporting the image, you could use third party software to handle the printing, if you have some which you prefer.