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how to make the templates for indiana jones

Posted: Sun, 5th Dec 2010, 3:57pm

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hi to all
i am a new user so please forgive any nievity i show.

I really liked the free templates recently given by fxhome - i would like to be able to use them and also to create my own variations of themes but would like to know if there any tutorials existing or if anyone has some spare time to go over the process of altering a new foreground headshot to fit with the existing template theme.

secondly can anyone let me know if the backgrounds and the overlays are both created from one original image in photokey or if something like photoshop has been used

look forward to any answers
Posted: Sun, 5th Dec 2010, 7:14pm

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Just head over to the tutorials section at
hope that helps.
Posted: Sun, 5th Dec 2010, 8:39pm

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There aren't any tutorials as such, but basically you will just want to import your new foreground, and adjust the size to fit. the filter settings and so forth will be retained when you switch out the foreground image, so it should mostly just be a matter of adjusting the scale and position to get it to fit.

As far as creating your own, each one of these templates involved a massive amount of Photoshop work to create the various layers, I'm sure. They weren't just created in PhotoKey.