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"100 Digital Backgrounds"

Posted: Sun, 5th Dec 2010, 9:54pm

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Hello....Brand new to this software & I was trying it out & choosing background pictures from the "100 Digital Backgrounds" which was the default folder when I first opened the software. I then decided to use a background from a picture in iPhoto. Now when I hit the green + to change the background I cannot seem to get back to the "100 Digital Backgrounds" folder? I know I can by choosing "recently opened files" but I would like to know where the actual folder is located on the mac with those photos??? I appreciate any tips...thank you
Posted: Sun, 5th Dec 2010, 10:43pm

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Harddrive/Library/Application Support/FXhome/FXhome PhotoKey 2 Lite/Background/100 Digital Backgrounds is where they are located on the Mac.

You could also just do a simple search of your harddrive to get the exact directory for a particular file.