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Posted: Thu, 9th Dec 2010, 3:28am

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I have Photo Key 4, but I'm not seeing how to create a shadow for my subject. Can you help with this. Thanks
Posted: Thu, 9th Dec 2010, 4:42am

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The shadow cast filter is exclusive to PhotoKey Pro. The standard version of PhotoKey, which you have, doesn't include the Shadow Cast filter.

It would be possible to create a drop shadow in the standard version of PhotoKey, though a few extra steps would be required. If you exported the foreground with an alpha, then imported it again as a Layer or Overlay, you could apply a Silhouette to the main foreground layer, and use Blur and Transparency to adjust the appearance of your shadow. So the Foreground would become the shadow, and the Layer or Overlay would serve as the main foreground of the image.