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help with effects lab pro

Posted: Sun, 19th Dec 2010, 10:07pm

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i download the demo of effects lab pro and i noiticed that it dosent let you add more that one clip like movie maker or i create and it dosent have any audio . if i buy the real version will i be able to have these things neutral
Posted: Sun, 19th Dec 2010, 11:00pm

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No, the demo version is the full software, except for the watermark and the inability to download presets.

As far as audio and adding clips is concerned, are you trying to use the software like an NLE (such as the basic WMM or something like iMovie or Vegas)? If that's the case, the FXHome programs are not meant for that kind of work, but rather to enhance and add to your shots. You should be able to add a clip though by importing, dragging to the timeline and then positioning it with your mouse. Have you tried that yet?

For sound help when rendering, check out this tutorial. And, be aware that sound does not play back within the program.

Hope that helps

Posted: Mon, 20th Dec 2010, 12:00am

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EffectsLab is intended to be used on a shot-by-shot basis, to add visual effects to a single shot which would then be rendered and placed back into your video editor to get dropped into the main edit. So while you can import multiple shots, its assumed that any secondary media clips will be stock footage intended to enhance the primary shot you are working on, so you are somewhat limited on what you can do with additional clips.

If you want to be able to edit various clips into a basic movie, you'll want to look into video editing software such as Vegas, Final Cut, or Premiere. If you want to be able to composite multiple clips together into a single shot more effectively, then you'll want to look at compositing software, such as CompositeLab or VisionLab Studio.