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Problem with PK4Pro

Posted: Thu, 23rd Dec 2010, 12:22pm

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Just had the first shoot yesterday using the PK4Pro instead of PK3Pro. Everything went well until we wanted to print some photo;s.

All the frames where "landscape", and the printer-settings where also set to landscape.
When trying to print a frame it looked like the printer received the photo as portrait. So the photo was printed to large and only half.

We tried to adjust the printer settings, preferences etc. but nothing did worked out.

Then we switched to PK3Pro and that one just worked out fine. No problems or settings that needed to be adjusted, just perfect printing.

The printer we are using is a Kodak 6800 Dye-Sub.

Is there anybody else having problems printing?
Posted: Thu, 23rd Dec 2010, 11:31pm

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I assume this was printing directly from PhotoKey, and not trying to print images you had exported?

I'm not sure what would have changed in v.4 to make it different. Are you up to date with the latest version of PhotoKey 4 Pro (4.1.0003)? I'd update if you haven't yet, then if the problem persists, perhaps submit a ticket so the experts can weight in.
Posted: Fri, 24th Dec 2010, 9:21am

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Yes we have the latest version. I'll open a ticket because today we'll start with a 4 day shoot on location using chromakey and printing
Posted: Fri, 11th Feb 2011, 10:33pm

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Hi, same problem with the new Mitsubishi 3800 dye sub. It prints 12" x 8" ok in portrait, when we open a new project with a landscape canvas we get half a portait shot sideways across the landscape paper. What's even stranger is the page setup option in pk4pro is the wrong way around, click portrait and it shows landscape and vice versa. This also happens when choosing 8x6 media, 6x4 media etc

Didn't see this in Vn 3. A quick workaround is to export the file and print from Windows 7, that gets it right so its not the windows drivers for a change.

But thats not ideal when every second counts and the queues are building at an event.

Still love this program so much though smile Paul
Posted: Tue, 15th Feb 2011, 5:58pm

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I have the same problem printing to Mitsi CP9550D at 9x6. I am using a Mac, two different ones in fact, and Photokey 4. So far I have not managed to get a single image to fit the paper correctly, despite making numerous adjustment to canvas sizes, printer settings etc etc.

I know I can export the file and print from Aperture without batting an eyelid, but it would be better and faster to print from Photokey. Right royal pain in the .....
Posted: Tue, 15th Feb 2011, 6:22pm

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Ok, just tried something daft. I chose a paper size of 12 x 8 in Photokey. In the print dialogue box I set the printer, chose paper handling to scale to fit at 6 x 9 as previously.

Result = perfect print. Both portrait and landscape.

Now what happens when I actually want to print to a 12 x 8 machine I wonder. I do not have one to hand at present so can't test.

This is not very logical at all. Come on FX Home, you can do better than this.