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Rendering Speed Problems!

Posted: Mon, 27th Dec 2010, 8:44pm

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Hey guys...I just bought CompositeLab Pro, and I started a project. I filmed someone in front of my green screen with a flip video camera, and uploaded these videos to the computer. When I imported the media into the program and moved it onto the timeline, however, whenever I played the video, it would go really fast, as if it were skipping a ton of frames. I edited it, anyway, but when I rendered it and uploaded it to my editing software, it was still sped up and skipping around.

What should I do??
Posted: Mon, 27th Dec 2010, 9:01pm

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If is the wrong speed, then you likely selected the wrong framerate or the wrong scan method in your project settings. If its skipping within the program, perhaps you didn't preview render? Or it could be a codec issue. If its skipping after render, then it could be a codec issue, or a compression issue. If you rendered uncompressed then your computer won't be able to play it back at full speed and show every frame, there's just too much data.

So, make sure you know the correct formatting info for the original video, make sure it is in a decent editing codec, and not h.264 or some form of MPEG, then select an appropriate codec for rendering out. Uncompressed, even though it won't play back directly, might still be a good option, if you have more editing to do. If you are using uncompressed, try advancing frame-by-frame through the rendered video and see if all the frames are actually there.