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Live Video Stream, like the weather channel

Posted: Thu, 30th Dec 2010, 5:07pm

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i tried to search the forums for this topic, no luck. Can this software green screen on the fly? i've composited a couple shots. I'm a total beginner, but i really want to do a taped show without having to render for hours. any advice would be nice. thanks
Posted: Thu, 30th Dec 2010, 5:15pm

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No, neither CompositeLab nor VisionLab can process greenscreen live. In fact, you will almost certainly need a hardware solution to handle that, and not just a piece of software.
Posted: Fri, 31st Dec 2010, 6:06am

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nice article i found, i didn't know that they had hardware to do this stuff. porbably over my head, but thanks for the reply axeman
Posted: Sun, 2nd Jan 2011, 12:52am

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For live greenscreening, you're most likely going to need a video mixer of some kind, which can be bought from a company like Edirol for various purposes. For software, I do believe that Adobe makes a package called Visual Communicator or something similar. From the link you posted, Veescope and Adobe Ultra are used often too. But the Lab products cannot do this sort of compositing, as it is all geared towards post.