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Green screen still showing up

Posted: Wed, 5th Jan 2011, 8:26pm

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ok..this is weird... i shot pictures on a green screen of family members..imported them..and no problem. Today when I did some self portrait shots and tried to import them..the green screen shows up...when I import it...not a little of it....but all of it...! What did I do wrong....?
Posted: Wed, 5th Jan 2011, 8:50pm

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Is your key turned off? If all of the greenscreen is still there, then it isn't being keyed out, which either means the green color is way, way off, and outside the range of color the key will affect, or something is wrong in your key settings, which is much more likely.

Make sure the Auto Color Difference filter is enabled, and that the Color is set to Green.

Also, make sure that your greenscreen photo is imported as the Foreground, and not the background by accident.
Posted: Thu, 6th Jan 2011, 9:25am

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I had it a couple of times when someone was wearing blue clothes. And when the keycolour is set to "Auto" it sometimes just keyed out the blue instead of green.

So make sure the keycolour is set to "green"