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Audio as video

Posted: Tue, 11th Jan 2011, 9:15pm

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Given that EffectsLab only supports one video object as the audio track, I'm trying to figure out a method for composing the audio track in another program, exporting it as a "video" with no actual video but with the audio contained therein, and then importing it into EffectsLab as the video object that will contain the audio track.

So far, my attempts to do this with the Streamclip program have not worked, although I'm still brand new to this whole thing.

Please advise if there is such a method available using free or low cost software, and let me know if this does not make sense. Thanks in advance.
Posted: Tue, 11th Jan 2011, 11:45pm

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I wouldn't do that, this is what I would do:

Bring in the video into effects lab, edit how you want it, export (render) it. Then bring it into a free program; Windows Movie Maker, or iMovie, and change the audio source in there.
Posted: Wed, 12th Jan 2011, 6:43am

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Sounds like you are making it way more difficult than it should be. Once you have the edit done in your video editor, the original audio will be there, ready to go. So export your footage, do your EffectsLab thing, bring it back into your video editor, and re-align it with the original audio, which is already there. Done.
Posted: Wed, 12th Jan 2011, 9:45am

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Yeah, this is a workflow issue and it sounds like you're doing things slightly round the wrong way.

To confirm what Axel said, the general recommended workflow is as follows:

1. Perform a rough edit in your editor. (it sounds like you might not have an editing program, so investigate Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere, or Final Cut on the Mac. They all have affordable entry level versions. Don't even bother with the likes of Windows Movie Maker!)

2. Individually export the specific shots that need VFX.

3. Import the VFX shots to EffectsLab and add the effects you need. It's usually easiest to work on one shot per-project.

4. Render out the finished VFX shots.

5. Import the finished VFX shots into your editor and place them onto the track above the originals on the timeline. This will mean that they automatically sync up with the audio that is already there.

6. You can now tighten the edit and do a proper sound mix.