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Batch question Photokey 4 - fixing individual images

Posted: Wed, 12th Jan 2011, 8:50pm

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Ruel Cordero

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When I run a batch of photos, some of the photos are not the correct size. So, I manually adjust it to fit an 8x10 canvas. My problem is, the program does not remember my adjustments.
- example, I resize one photo to fit on 8x10 but when I batch print, it reverts back to the old, previous size.

Very frustrating. For now, I have to resort to fixing one photo, resize it, then save it one by one. That negates the batch processing speed.

Please advise if I'm doing something wrong.

Posted: Wed, 12th Jan 2011, 9:36pm

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Are you tagging each of the odd-sized images as Unique before you resize and reposition them?