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Problems importing my .mov files into Composite lab Demo

Posted: Thu, 13th Jan 2011, 7:07pm

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When I try to import any of my .mov files into composite lab it allows me to do so but the screen is black.Nothing shows up in the preview or the canvas but it acts like it's in there. I'm using the demo version on a mac and my editor is final cut express.

It allow me to import the sample .mov files and they show up but mine don't.
Posted: Thu, 13th Jan 2011, 11:09pm

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Two things.

1: When it shows up in the media tab in the little rectangle/box thingy, click,hold, and drag it onto the canvas. Let me know if that doesn't work.

2: I think this thread would get more attention in Composite Lab Pro help forum. This is deffinatley the wrong forum...

Posted: Fri, 14th Jan 2011, 6:22pm

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When you export from FCE, what codec are you using? Use Quicktime Animation, Apple Intermediate, or ProRes, and see if the problem persists. My first guess is that you are using a codec that isn't designed for editing, such as H.264 or MPEG-something, and that's causing the conflict. Trying one of the codecs I just mentioned should confirm or eliminate it as being a codec issue.