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Masking issue

Posted: Tue, 18th Jan 2011, 6:07pm

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So I've been trying to mask 4 effects (2 lightsaber/2 flamethrower) that are coming at a monster with its back angled to the screen to give the impression that the effects are hitting him in the chest. I saw in a tutorial that if you do a mask layer for one of these effects, you should be able to do it to any other effect you're working on so as to not do quadroople the work. I masked one of the lightsaber effects but when I add the other layers i want masked against the monsters body with the lightsaber one i just did, it doesn't work for the other ones but just the lightsaber one. So in essence I've had to mask each effect seperately. Is there a way to prevent this by just masking one effect and then applying that mask layer with other effects you need to mask with it without haveing to go back???
Posted: Tue, 18th Jan 2011, 8:03pm

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You have to copy the mask and paste it into any layers that you want to be masked. A mask will only ever affect the layer that it is applied to, so you need to apply a mask to each layer of effects that is behind the monster. A simple copy > paste routine will prevent you from having to manually recreate the mask for each layer.