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New problem with Importing.

Posted: Sun, 23rd Jan 2011, 5:46pm

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Whenever i look for a video from my panasonic SDR-S50 it either isnt in the folder i put the video in or if i click on it Effectslab says string expected and then: CANNOT DIVIDE BY ZERO
Posted: Sun, 23rd Jan 2011, 6:31pm

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What are the specifics of the format of the video in question?

What type of file is it? What codec does it use? What resolution is it?

If the files don't appear in the folder where you placed them, when you try to import them, it is because they aren't in a compatible format. Video files have to be in either .mov or .avi format in order to be imported into EffectsLab. If you can see the file, but get an error when you click it, it could be that even though the format is compatible, the codec it uses isn't. but if you can see some of the files, but not others, then you are converting the format somewhere in the process. So a bit more specific info about your footage and your workflow might be useful.
Posted: Sun, 30th Jan 2011, 10:55pm

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how do i change the codec?