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Settings set to background not appearing in export

Posted: Sun, 6th Feb 2011, 3:55am

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I show an event today, set up a background image,made edits to it, imported the foreground images, tweaked them and then exported.

The edits made to the 'background' do not *take*, for example, if I blur the background, the exported image does NOT blur the background./

This is PJ4 Pro, tried it on two different systems, bothy with the same results.
Posted: Mon, 7th Feb 2011, 10:27am

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Simon K Jones

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We haven't had any other reports of this happening - and it's something that would have been reported widely - so I'm wondering whether this is perhaps due something specific to your setup, or maybe to the precise workflow you are using.

Could you write up a list of actions that we can follow to replicate the problem exactly? I've tried exporting with a blurred background just now and it worked fine, so there may be a step in your process that I'm doing differently.