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making a small mask

Posted: Sun, 6th Feb 2011, 9:03pm

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Macon Magic Productions

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I'm making a stop motion film and I'm wanting to add mouth effects by adding a black background and using a circular mask. The problem is, that in order for me to do this, I have to use a very small mask. But I can't make my mask small enough without losing control of what the mask looks like. Is there any way I can zoom in on my footage and my mask to make a good mask? And if not, is there any other solution so that I can form a very small mask.
Posted: Sun, 6th Feb 2011, 10:10pm

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Does the Zoom slider at the top right of the canvas not allow you to zoom in far enough? It should let you get pretty close in, but if I'm misunderstanding the problem, let me know what I am missing.
Posted: Sun, 13th Feb 2011, 1:25am

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Micah master studios

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Yeah that should work. A sulution is video tape your mouth saying what you need than put a mask around you mouth. Than go to "grade" click AMBIANT LITE and adjust the color to what you need and add it to your clip. biggrin