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Fisheye lense style video effect?

Posted: Wed, 11th Sep 2002, 5:59pm

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Is there a way to make a video look like its being seen threw a fisheye lense? I dont have the cash to buy one right now. And I thought I could maybe save on cash if there was just an effect to change the entire video to fisheye lense style. THX
Posted: Wed, 11th Sep 2002, 6:04pm

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Alamdv can't change the video footage like that, but i know

after effect's can.

and wait for more people to add to this list.

But you could use a clear cooking bowl, or a glass bowl and place it over the lens. ?

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Posted: Wed, 11th Sep 2002, 6:14pm

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I believe the after effects effect is called 'bulge'. I keyframed that one in my hallway and recreated the matrix scene where Neo flexes and the room expands.
Posted: Wed, 11th Sep 2002, 7:17pm

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owen rixon

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Build your set in a bowl shaped room... tard
Posted: Wed, 11th Sep 2002, 7:45pm

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The only way you couldn't afford a fisheye lense (also known as a DEATH lense twisted) is if you had less than $9 to your name. I got a cheap one (that doesn't fit on my camera unfourtunatly) for $10 at a surplus store and it distorts like a mofo! Seriously. Plus when you use real lenses you don't mess with the resolution, which in turn looks better.
Posted: Wed, 18th Sep 2002, 1:35pm

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Why do u wanna do it anyway? It'll look really cheesy and cheap...