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Final Cut Express Compatibility?

Posted: Thu, 17th Feb 2011, 12:44am

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I was looking into getting Final Cut Express, but is it compatible with Fxhome software? I'm using iMovie 11 right now and after an update that I say is a "downdate" from apple, I have to make a project for each clip and export it to edit in effects lab, so I want to get a new and better software where I can easily export my clips to Effects Lab Pro... Thanks...
Posted: Thu, 17th Feb 2011, 1:09am

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Yes. Whereas iMovie is a poor excuse for a video editor at best, Final Cut Express is a full-fledged editor, which provides all the control you want. iMovie isn't really designed for narrative editing, more for cutting the unwanted bits out of holiday videos or the like.

Even so, the current issue with iMovie is actually only with a single codec, which happens to be the codec iMovie uses to process everything. Then, that problem is compounded by the fact that iMovie doesn't allow you to easily export individual clips from your project, as I understand, but this isn't a problem at all with FCE.
Posted: Thu, 17th Feb 2011, 6:13pm

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Imovie wasn't too bad until 2009, but now it's awful. FCE is very good and can be used for more stock-based effects, as well as sound and colour. It also allows for some basic but not bad compositing, with keying and the full range of blending modes. I have both FCE and FXLP and often find myself using final cut for everything except masking, as it only allows for 4 or 8 point garbage mattes. I haven't used imovie for a while as I got FCE before it had the holiday video makeover, but any programme using a small square as a timeline ought to be forgotten quickly.